Matching Technology to Business Rules & Roles to achieve a Western Identity




The Western Identity Project is an undertaking being led by Western Information Systems Group (WISG) and Information Technology Services (ITS) that focuses on ensuring a unique identifier for each campus member. We are presently in the information gathering phase. Upon completion, this unique identifier will improve user experience at Western and increase data security by allowing accurate and timely access to approved services and resources that are necessary for each campus member's role(s).

An Identity system will help us

  • Manage & protect individual's data
  • Extend and manage access to confidential data @ Western
  • Ensure that the right people access the right services in a timely fashion
  • Gain the ability to manage information about identities and an individual's access to information and services
  • Reduce duplication therefore reduce chances of error
  • Other reasons we expect to encounter as the first phase of the project proceeds

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Project Update April 1st, 2009



Western Identity Project Core Team